What is Brand Ambassador?

If you are asking yourself the question, “What is a Brand Ambassador” you are in the right place. A Brand Ambassador is someone that represents a Brand in a very direct way.

Early on in the Brand Ambassador movement there was a lot of confusion on what is ethical or not ethical. Now it is generally accepted that brand ambassadors must fully disclose their relationships and not try to trick people.

Many people want to get brand ambassador jobs because for someone that is social, going around and talking about something you already like is fun. However, companies are usually not going to pay someone to just go out and have fun talking about them. A business wants to be able to measure certain metrics including a positive ROI on their brand ambassador program.

This means if you want to work as a brand ambassador, you are going to have to sharpen your skills when it comes to social media, Internet marketing, email marketing and event planning. A good brand ambassador is going to be someone that can do all these things and can build their audience that cares about the brand they represent. Ideally, you will be able to track estimated sales from the groups you build as well.

This process gets even more difficult when you consider the risks.  A new Brand Ambassador with no experience may think it is OK to go into a forum and start spamming everyone about the brand – they do not have the sophistication to build relationships slowly and in a win/win way.  This results in a loss for the brand because if people find out a company with a strong brand is using these tactics then the image of the brand can be damaged.

So what is a Brand Ambassador and what are some common activities they can do to promote a brand.

The best brand ambassadors are a bit cheerleader and great at customer service.  It is a combination of using your time to create a positive image of the brand and to quickly and skillfully handle customer complaints.  If someone can do this and do an excellent job of creating buzz about the brand, they will be a good Brand Ambassador.

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2 Responses to “What is Brand Ambassador?”

  1. Gordon says:

    Is one rigth to say brand ambassador is the embodiment of the brand,that is to say ,the person thinks, eats and drink the brand?

  2. Lisa M. says:

    Thanks for the great description. I heard someone say that at a tradeshow and upon reading your definition, it’s exactly what I do! ROI is very challenging but it’s all about belief in what you represent and takes time to see results. Regards!

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